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While the majority of dental problems are simple and require only local anesthesia, sometimes, more serious issues are present that require a degree of surgical precision and care. For the very best oral surgery and dental health in Austin, Texas, visit Avery Ranch Dental.

Oral Surgery Q & A

What is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery refers to the removal of teeth, soft tissues or hard tissues in and around the oral cavity. Removal of impacted teeth and more serious dental issues may require a specialist.

Oral dental surgery is generally an outpatient procedure performed in the office. While in some cases sedation is required (or even requested by the patient), some oral surgeries can be performed under local anesthetic, and you can be comfortably awake the entire time.

What Are Impacted Teeth?

Impacted teeth usually refer to wisdom teeth that do not emerge from the gum line. However, it can be any tooth that remains buried under the gums. When this issue occurs, it is common to need the teeth removed so that they do not cause problems down the line. Indicators of impacted wisdom teeth include swelling, pain and abscesses or gum infections. They can also cause damage to surrounding teeth and gums. Some are even associated with certain types of tumors. It is vital to have problematic teeth removed.

What are Implants and do They Require Surgery?

Dental implants are titanium posts that simulate the root of a missing tooth and allow us to anchor a new crown to restore form and function. It is a surgical procedure that Dr. Orlich, our periodontist, often performs in the comfort of our own office. These titanium posts are implanted into the jaw in and integrate to the bone to form a brand new, permanent and incredibly strong root for one or more replacement teeth. If you have lost teeth due to an accident, decay or even, in some cases, periodontal disease, titanium dental implants can be an excellent solution to give you back the smile you lost.

What Other Types of Dental Surgery Are There?

Other types of dental surgery include removal of lesions for biopsy, improving the shape of the jaws for better fitting dentures, crown lengthening to improve the height to width ratio of teeth for improved cosmetic appearance as well as for restorative needs. There is also root resection to remove an infected root without removing the entire tooth. There are also more specialized cases that may require joint care between the general dentist and an off-site specialist to address issues such as uneven jaw growth between the upper and lower jaw, or to address Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (commonly called “TMJ”), a dysfunction of the joint where your skull and lower jaw join in your ear. Other forms of the jaw and facial repair from cleft palate to facial infections or lesions.

If you are in need of having Dr. Orlich or our staff address a possible issue, call Avery Ranch today or schedule an appointment online.


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