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Nobody wants to think about losing a tooth, but in some cases tooth extraction is necessary. When this occurs, Dr. Lowery and her associates at Avery Ranch Dental in Austin, Texas are the very best to help this procedure go as smoothly as possible, and obtain the absolute best cosmetic results.

Tooth Extraction Q & A

Why Do I Have to Lose a Tooth?

There are many reasons why teeth must be extracted. The most common of these relate to tooth decay and infection. If your tooth is badly decayed, or you have an abscess, it may be necessary to remove the tooth to protect not only the rest of your mouth but the rest of your body from suffering as the infection spreads.

One of the most common ailments that result in the loss of teeth is periodontal disease, which must be addressed decisively and as early as possible. Dr. Orlich and the staff will work with you to make sure that any health issues you have are addressed as thoroughly and compassionately as possible.

What Should I Expect from a Tooth Extraction Procedure?

Most people discover that they are in need of a tooth extraction after a dental visit. Sometimes this is due to experiencing discomfort or tooth pain; other times it is during a routine cleaning with no prior experience of symptoms. In general, tooth extraction creates only minor discomfort and is done under local anesthetic. Our sedation dental specialist provide quality care so patients do not have to experience the procedure. Depending on how decayed or damaged the tooth is and the extent of the procedure, the actual extraction can take a few seconds or some time.

What If I am Afraid of the Pain?

Many patients experience a phobia of the pain associated with dentistry. This is nothing to be ashamed of. Dr. Lowery and her associates at Avery Ranch can offer options for sedation dentistry, which will put you under general anesthesia so that you will experience a pain-free and relaxed process of removal.

Restoring Lost Teeth?

After your tooth is extracted, there is no need to worry about not being able to smile. Our Austin restorative dentists are adept at various cosmetic dentistry procedures to restore your lost teeth, from temporary crowns to permanent dental implants.

If you are experiencing toothaches or discomfort, or just need a regular checkup, feel free to schedule an appointment with us online today.


At Avery Ranch Dental, our goal is to accommodate every patient to meet their financial and dental needs. Please contact our office for more information about the insurance policies we accept, and see how we can partner with you.

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