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For an affordable, single-visit whitening, Dr. Lowery provides Zoom whitening through Avery Ranch Dental in Austin, Texas. When your teeth are discolored from coffee, cigarettes or just age, you want to restore the kind of smile that you can flash with confidence.

Zoom Whitening Q & A

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is everywhere these days. Every time you turn on the television, you see an advertisement for the latest over-the-counter product promising miracle results. The truth is, many of these products do not work very well. The best way to remove stains from your teeth and get a bright, white smile back is to visit your dentist, who can provide a solution of carbamide peroxide in much higher concentrations than you can get over the counter. This substance will lighten your teeth several shades in a much shorter time.

What Is Zoom Whitening?

Zoom Whitening is a special form of tooth whitening that can be performed in a single sitting, right in the office. While most forms of at-home whitening take a couple of weeks, with Zoom Whitening, you simply sit in a chair and enjoy a show while our team does the work! We apply an exceptionally strong whitening solution, which she combines with light to quickly remove stains. The entire process can take as little as an hour, and the results are astounding, with your teeth becoming up to seven or eight shades lighter than when you went in.

Is Zoom Whitening Permanent?

Zoom whitening is a permanent process. It is not a dye that will wash off in a few days. It uses the peroxide to release oxygen and remove the stains and pigment on your teeth, in essence (but harmlessly) bleaching them whiter. You continue to drink dark liquids like coffee or smoke cigarettes, new stains will form. While whitening removes stains, it does not make your teeth proof against new ones. To maintain the level of whiteness initially achieved, you will need to do some form of additional bleaching in the future.  It could be touch up bleaching with home trays for a few days every 6 months or sooner depending on the staining or a new round of in-office bleaching.

Are you ready to give your smile a brand new look and a gleam you will be proud to show off? Give Dr. Lowery’s offices a call for more information or schedule an appointment online today.


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